What We Do Today

iSpeax develops digital products, therapy resources, and caseload management systems to enable students, families, and speech and language pathologists to access the most technologically advanced, engaging, and practical tools during speech and language therapy.  

Our modernized and technologically advanced platforms serve individual students and families by helping them reach their speech and language goals. iSpeax caseload management systems help speech and language therapists optimize workflow, minimize paperwork, and save valuable time to increase productivity, work-life balance, and, more importantly, to serve families more efficiently. 

What We Are Trying to Accomplish

We seek to allow students and families to reach their goals in the most engaging and technologically advanced way. Learning and the retention of skills come through repeated practice, motivation, and engagement. By providing students and families with access to digital speech and language resources, online materials, and educational speech and language games, we aim to boost their engagement and motivation leading to the greatest progress.  

We strive to provide speech and language therapists with the most cutting-edge caseload management systems and digital resources to advance and modernize speech and language services. By utilizing our platforms, therapists will optimize their work-life balance, increase their workflow and productivity, and save precious time by automating note writing, progress monitoring, and minimizing paperwork. Therapists will have a unique ability to prioritize their clients’ needs and boost progress in the most efficient and effective way. 

Trying to empower and inspire myself every single day. Always look for beauty and goodness in everything around. We were given a precious gift of life, we need to preserve it, share it, and live it to the fullest.

Laura (Founder & CEO)

Bringing great projects to life and positively impacting the lives of many is the most empowering reward. Build, create, innovate, repeat, and have fun while doing what you love.

Bruno (Co-Founder & CTO)