Apraxia of Speech

Childhood apraxia of speech is a speech motor-planning disorder that affects a child’s ability to sequence oral movements necessary to produce speech sounds, syllables, and words. Childhood Apraxia of Speech is believed to result from neurologic dysfunction, although currently, no definitive evidence of specific brain pathology exists. Three elements have been identified as hallmark indicators of apraxia of speech:  vowel errors or distortions, inconsistent speech production errors, and prosodic disturbances difficulties, particularly in the appropriate use of word stress. This profile is commonly not observed in children with other articulatory or phonological disorders. 

In general, children with apraxia of speech demonstrate superior language comprehension. Children with childhood apraxia of speech can be difficult to understand; in the most severe cases, these children may not be verbal as oral communication is significantly reduced. They frequently show frustration with their reduced ability to speak. 

Signs and Symptoms

• say shorter words more clearly than longer ones
• doesn’t always say the same words in the same way
• only several sounds are understood
• difficulty repeating what others say
• the order of syllables or sounds might be incorrect
• long pauses between syllables
• good understanding but poor verbal expression
• visible difficulty with mouth, jaw, or tongue movements

How Can We Help?

Speech and language therapy is the most effective treatment for childhood apraxia of speech. Consistent and targeted practice can help improve overall communication. iSpeax is an online speech therapy practice that provides online speech and language services to individuals who need treatment for various language disorders, including childhood apraxia of speech.
If you suspect childhood apraxia of speech, our qualified speech and language therapists can help with assessment, goal setting, and developing an effective treatment plan. Schedule your session today to get an advice of a qualified professional.